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Pegas cars brings to your attention a new compact sport-car Pegas Coupe that is in the best traditions of 60-ies.

 We wanted to create light sport-car, original, distinct from any other model on the market. At the same time we were eager to keep the style of classic English  sport-cars. These masterpieces, produced at the border of 50-ies and 60-ies of last century, had unique, independent on quickly changing motor-car fashion, lightness, plain and grace engineering solutions. Almost all of these cars were close to ideal respecting the style: good visual balance, harmonious back and front overhang, noble body lines, covering mechanical filling. These cars has no cut, pimple or curve without any functionality and it’s remarkable that in most cases these cars were designed by engineers and not stylists.

This period  in English motor-car construction, style was only engineering by-product but also extremely successful, was the time of such enthusiasts as John Cooper, Colin Chapman, Aleс Issigonis. They were guided by the creation, boldness and independence of engineering solution.

Car design is pure lines and nothing superfluous. Pegas Coupe forms are defined by functionality, hence in order to Pegas “costume” fit well it was cut out and made precisely to measure of the chassis and the engine.

Today in the Pegas Cars model line there are three versions: Coupe Light, Coupe Sport, Coupe Race and their modifications. Cars description and their technical characteristics you can read in the corresponding sections.